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These travelogs are from a few of the trips we’ve taken over the years. Pretty light reading, though the Motorhome Trip was a month long so the travelog is equally long. The links take you to dedicated pages for each trip, as they were originally published.

Vancouver and Alaska – 2017 – This one comes in three parts.

Vancouver – Carl and Sarah hang out for 2 weeks, GPhotos album
Alaska’s Inside Passage – Carl and Sarah on a National Geographic expedition, GPhotos album
Alaska’s Interior and Barrow – Carl, Sarah, and Eric (for a bit) in Anchorage, Denali and the top of the USofA, GPhotos album

Ireland – 2016 – Carl and Sarah, Eric and Leah, Kevin and Sami, GPhotos album
Denmark and Sweden – 2016 – Carl, Sarah and Kristee on the heredity tour, GPhotos album
Europe – 2015 – Carl with Eric and friends for LeMans, the Paris Airshow, and Germany in between, Gphotos album
Antarctica – 2013/14 – Carl and Eric visit the Bonus Continent (NatGeo), GPhotos album
Spain – 2013 – Carl and Sarah in Spain for two weeks
Europe – 2012 – Carl and Jason hit Berlin, Prague, Munich and Stuttgart.
New Zealand – 2011 – Carl and Sarah in NZ for AnimFX and a week of touring.
Europe – 2011 – Carl and Jason hang out in France, Flickr album
England – 2010 – 10 day family trip through England.
Costa Rica – 2008 – Our 10 day trip through a most beautiful country.
Italy – 2007 – One week, but luckily only one country. This travelog was created as a blog.
Motorhome Trip – 2003 – 28 days, 3,990 miles doing a giant loop through the Western U.S. Documented almost daily, a very robust site hand-coded in the pre-blog days.
Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2000 – Thanksgiving vacation.
Canada – 1999 – This was my first digital travelog. We spent a week traveling from Calgary, through Banff and up to Jasper.