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A sampling of some of the things I’ve built.


I had to build a workbench before I could build our garage cabinets. I love this bench – it’s made [...]

Garage Cabinets

This was my first time building real cabinets. I designed them as a custom fit for the space using other [...]


I built these bookshelves for my office/music room. There are three of them screwed together to make one long system. [...]

Monitor Backlight

I published my second Instructable last week, about how to build a simple backlight for PC monitors. Eyestrain can be [...]



A fully functioning electric guitar built out of Lego. I must’ve been nuts to decide to do this, but now [...]


Made from an outdoor walkway lamp. A piece of pipe and a flange painted black make the stand, with small [...]

Lifeguard Chair

The chair was built from redwood that I recycled from a deck that we tore out. It’s very large, two [...]

Welded Creatures

These were created in a welding class at The Crucible. The moose lives in our garden – his rebar neck works [...]

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