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I published my second Instructable last week, about how to build a simple backlight for PC monitors. Eyestrain can be a real problem when staring at a monitor all day, so in my office at home I’ve always shined a desklamp at the shades behind my monitor (or, during the day would open the shades!). While at Home Depot one day I saw these cool retro-looking lightbulbs and thought it would be fun to have one standing on my desk, then the lightbulb lit up and I had an idea! That became this.

I love – if you’re a DIY’er like me it’s a great resource for instructions and inspiration. I made an instructable for my Lifeguard Chair, and followed that one up with an instructable for this project. You can see it at I was surprised to see it make it to the front page for a couple days, and it was featured in their weekly email blast, too. Thanks Instructables!


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