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Project Description

This was my first time building real cabinets. I designed them as a custom fit for the space using other cabinet plans as a guide for the cases.

The doors and drawers are birch veneered plywood. I bought a few sheets that matched and lined them up to get the grain patterns to be consistent. The sheets had a beautiful “flame” pattern that I took advantage of. The top of the workbench is 1/4″ hardboard screwed onto 1 1/2″ pressboard. The top is rock solid, and I can replace the tops whenever they get too beat up.

For the cabinet and drawer handles I wanted something that was appropriate for a garage workshop. I ended up creating the cabinet handles from spikes – they look like giant nails. The drawer handles are hammerheads. I bought inexpensive hammers at Home Depot and cut off and mounted the heads. They look great and are very comfortable to use.

I also covered the exposed walls with peg board to provide plenty of room for hanging things.

cabinets cupboards drawers

Project Details