I wrote this awhile ago but never posted it. Here’s a mulitple choice questionaire to determine whether you’re from Northern or Southern California:

1. “Equity”
a) company ownership
b) an actor’s union
2. “Stock”
a) company ownership
b) raw film
3. “Very seductive, and I know I’m going to get screwed.”
a) “I’m going to LA to close a business deal.”
b) “I’m going to the Sky Bar.”
4. “All-nighter”
a) at work
b) at play
5. “Yes”
a) yes
b) no
6. “Boffo BO”
a) the guy in the cube next to you
b) a great opening weekend
7. Spellcheck:
a) Silicon b) Silicone
a) Steve b) Steven
a) Bear b) Bruin
8. Critical…
a) path
b) acclaim
9. You’ve been canned as the company’s President after just 15 months. On your way out the door you are handed:
a) a subpoena
b) $140,000,000
10. “Palm”
a) company
b) restaurant

a – Upper California
b – LA, baby