1000LEDs is a game platform with a 100+ foot long strip of LEDs, two hand held controllers, and MIDI sound, all controlled by Arduinos.

The hand controllers are attached to foam bats and each contain an Arduino and an accelerometer.  There is also a small box with a light sensor in it that senses when the bat is swung over it.

The LED strip has 30 RGB LEDs per meter which are individually controlled by an Arduino Mega. It can be any length, but is normally set up for 1000 LEDs (about 108′).

The main control box also has switches and pots for setting up the system and selecting different games or modes to play in.

The game demoed here is a basic rally game which can be played in single or two-player mode. Other games I’m currently developing on it include a tug-of-war game (but don’t yank on the LED strip please!), a music game, and a number of mesmerizing attract modes.

The rest of this site is my development blog, which I started about a month after I began the project.