Carl Rosendahl

Educator, Entrepreneur, Pixelgeek

My first career was founding and building Pacific Data Images (which became PDI/DreamWorks) – it was an incredible experience.

Since then I’ve been a Venture Capitalist, serial entrepreneur, mentor and I am now an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center and Director of the Silicon Valley satellite campus.

I take pictures, play music and program for fun – sometimes combining all those together.

I’m an active Maker, here are some samples of recent projects I’ve done.

I’ve done a few projects that last about a year and are focused on developing a new skill. A couple of them have been blogged actively.

100 Loaves of Bread

In 2012 I learned how to bake bread.

When I first decided on the project, I considered setting a time frame for the project of maybe six months or a year, but I realized […]

A Picture a Day

In July of 2007 I started a year long picture-a-day project. My goal was to become a better photographer creatively and technically. I made it all the way – 366 consecutive days since 2008 […]